How to get more likes on Instagram


You post new posts on instagram, develop It, but you think that you collect too few likes? Then this article is for you — free instagram likes. Here you will find 13 tips that will help you significantly increase the number of likes to your posts, and also learn about 2 mistakes that you should never make when promoting on Instagram.

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1. Share your posts in other social networks
If you are looking to promote your business in social networks, Instagram is probably not The only platform you use. As soon as you publish a new post on Instagram, just share it on other social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, the practice of cross-posting.

The main rule is to give people a reason to go to Instagram, and not just like in another social network. For example, post only part of the content and tell your followers that you can watch the sequel on Instagram.

By the way, cross-posting not only draws attention to a new publication, but also creates additional content for your pages in social networks.

2. Write catchy descriptions
A banal but very useful tip-write long, interesting and informative descriptions for your Instagram posts. Some might say that Instagram is a visual social network, and long text in publications is inappropriate. This is not entirely true. It is precisely because Insta focuses on visualization that it is difficult to surprise the audience with just high-quality images.

Write an interesting liner that complements the visual, tell us about your experience, ask the audience a question, and the chance that a person will like it will increase.

3. Use calls to action
The Golden rule of marketing: if you want to get action from your audience, ask them directly. Do you want to get more likes on Instagram? Add a call to like at the end of your post descriptions to support the development of your account.

4. Correctly use hashtags
Using hashtags is the first thought that comes to mind when you want more likes. The main thing to remember is how to use them correctly. Don’t put too popular hashtags that don’t carry any meaning. Avoid hashtags in the spirit of # beauty, #nature. You won’t get likes from real people. It is better to put a few less popular hashtags that will actually convey what is being discussed in your post. This way you can attract a new audience, get more real likes, and avoid the invasion of spam accounts on your page.

5. Like and comment on your followers ‘ posts
If you want to get likes, please like them yourself. Track your brand’s mentions on Instagram via notifications or a branded hashtag and leave likes and comments under these posts. People will be pleased that you paid attention to them, and they are more likely to put likes under your future posts.

The main rule is to do it with your hands, meaningfully. Do not use mass-linking services, this may lead to a ban.

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